Thou Art THAT!

This is actually not particularly difficult. There is no time or practice needed at all – to be what we already are. It is simply about recognizing your positive nature as that which is already present, before any concept or appearance arises. You are not an appearance  – you are the ONE to whom the appearances appear and disappear!

See through ‘your’ conceptual notions – above all the core concept of there being an independent and separate ‘me’. Can you find any evidence of ‘I’, ‘me’, ‘mine’ – other than in form of a thought? Have a look!

Verify this against your own present evidence: Go only by what is present and evident here and now. Undeniably, you exist. And undeniably, this existence/ presence/ being is aware. Within this awareness, all appearances arise and disappear (including the habitual ‘I-thought’). Without the AWARENESS that YOU are, nothing can appear or disappear.

So where does the separation come into this? Where does the separate ‘me in here – the world out there’ come in? Well, it doesn’t ! It is a complete myth; a conceptual fabrication. You ARE – but not as a separate ‘person’ or an ‘I’. You ARE – full stop! This is it! And that´s all. Nothing fancy; nothing new; nothing that wasn’t here all along…

Now at this point – out of sheer habit – the mind might kick in with a whole barrage of ideas: expectations of a certain type of experience, feeling, sensation, understanding or what not. Experiences, insights and other phenomena may or may not arise: it makes no difference at all – all of these are again just appearances arising to – and within – the PRESENCE that is aware of them.

“This cannot be it! There must be more! I am not getting it! I am not awakened yet!” – more of the same: doubtful thoughts and questions (nothing but concepts!) arising to AWARENESS. Discard the content of these thoughts and see them for what there are: unsubstantial appearances arising and fading away.

In truth, there really isn’t anything to said about this PRESENCE; there isn’t really anything to be understood or known about THIS. It is pure KNOWINGNESS. It simply IS. And thou art that.

The universe, the world, the ‘person’ (‘me’) – all these are appearances. Ever-changing phenomena; life ever-becoming. Arising within you and from you. And in that, these aren’t separate from you, either. YOU, the ONE. The ONE that IS. Is there a beginning or an end to THIS? Or isn’t THIS indeed the ETERNAL ONE – beyond time and space; beyond form and shape; beyond substance and energy (all of which are mental concepts!)? At this point all dualisms fall back into themselves.

But let us not forget: we are simply talking about OUR Nature here. Naked, non-conceptual Presence – Awareness. Just this and nothing else.

तत् त्वम् असि  Tat Tvam Asi – Thou art THAT

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