Apparent Aspects of Non-Duality

Different Facets of the same Jewel


Nobody can deny or negate their own existence. ‘I am’ (not the word but the underlying actuality) is the only certainty we have – is the only thing we can say without entering the realm of concepts and ideas. YOU ARE that Presence that underlies all existence. THIS IS THE ONE ESSENTIAL FACT TO ALL OF THIS. This is the core, the basis. Everything else is merely a side-show to THIS…

So here is another side to this: If we are THAT (Presence-Awareness), the exclusive identification with ‘any-thing’ less than that (‘the person’, ‘the so-and-so character’) necessarily must be erroneous.


There is no place or point inside of you where you can say ‘it’s this / here, what or where I am’. Look for the ‘person’ and you won’t find anybody (or anything) that is not a concept, not a thought…

The false identification creates the duality of ‘me in here’ and the ‘world out there’. If there is no separate entity (cut off from reality), there also is no separation between subject and object.


If you are already THAT, there is nobody here to become enlightened or awakened (= the illusion of ‘BECOMING).

There are actually two fundamental misconceptions here: Time (becoming) and ‘you’ (a separate person) to become something (that YOU aren’t already)!

This is of course not to negate the existence of mystic experiences – samadhi, satori, siddhis, etc. It is just that as experiences (independent of what they seem to reveal) all of these are necessarily transient in nature and won’t substitute (nor contribute to) a clear recognition of our true nature as THAT (nor do they add anything in any shape or form to THAT).

This also doesn´t mean that certain practices cannot be beneficial for body and mind. But no practice can ever make YOU anything more that YOU already are.


Despite all appearances (pun intended) – this cannot be emphasized enough: There is no ‘body of knowledge’ necessary to ‘have’, ‘obtain’ or ‘carry around’ here…


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