About ‘not two’

This site is dedicated to Non-Duality and the contemporary teachings of the ‘Direct Path’ (or ‘Path of Self-Enquiry’ – vichara marga).

Non-duality is a universal theme found at the heart of the esoteric branches of all religious traditions. It is thus forming the very base of the perennial philosophy. It is  suggested, that the true nature of Reality, of all Existence, is characterized by Oneness or Non-Duality, and that this All-One-Ness is in fact who we really are; our very own Nature and Essence. Whilst  diluted and degenerated within mainstream religious doctrines, the non-dual message remains the central teaching in mystic traditions such as Advaita, Taoism, Zen and Dzogchen Buddhism. 

With its actual essence not being accessible through the dualistic functioning of the mind, the non-dual approach can only be hinted at through verbal pointers, metaphors and analogies. The aim of such ‘pointing’ is the recognition of our true nature, whilst exposing the mechanisms of self-limitation that seemingly obstruct such a recognition.  Emphasis here is on direct rather than mere intellectual understanding of the pointers offered.

The approach of the Direct Path does not promote any belief, doctrine or specific tradition or practice, but proposes a direct investigation, based on the evidence of one’s own direct experience and perception of the present actuality. This investigation exposes the illusory nature of our accumulated beliefs and concepts about the nature of Life and Self. The only pre-requisite for this inquiry is a truly open mind and the unshakable interest to ‘see things how they are’ – without the filter of learned concepts and conditioning. This ‘plain seeing’ is indeed the actual Liberation, Awakening, or moksha.

1 thought on “About ‘not two’

  1. Kushalappa Kaliyanda

    Great work in collecting the best of teaching about Non-Duality. Thank you so much for the effort.


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