Pointers to Non-Duality in the Main Religions

non-duality in religions

non-duaity christianism


Christianity, since the beginning has been characterized by many dualisms and dualities, including the doctrine of a separate God and the Manichaean (good/evil) dualism. Since the discovery of the Gospel of Thomas in 1945, however some scholars came to believe that Jesus’ original teaching may have been one accurately characterized as non-dualism.

non-duality gospel

Throughout history, there have always been mystics who came to see the one reality beyond the doctrines – even in the dark middle ages

non-duality judaism

There are profound non-dualistic elements hidden within in this very ancient mystical tradition:

‘Ein Sof’ or ‘infinite nothingness’ is considered the background of all that is. God is considered beyond all proposition or preconception.

The physical world is seen as emanating from the nothingness – as the many faces ‘partsufim’ of god, that are all a part of the sacred nothingness.

non-duality sufism

non-duality rumi

non-duality buddhism

non-duality buddha

non-duality hinduism

non-duality yoga

non-duality science

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