About ‘I’

To be considered:

The ‘I am’ that I am, is the same ‘I am’ that you are. Ultimately ‘I am’ is all there is. In the appearance, here, ‘I am’ expresses through this body-mind-organism; through this pattern called ‘Dirk’. Each body-mind-organism expresses in a unique way, just as each wave in the ocean is unique in its appearance. The uniqueness of a body-mind-pattern is ultimately as relevant or irrelevant as the uniqueness of a particular wave – what is there really, but the ocean? What shapes the wave? Can a wave take credit for its particular shape or form or size?

Dirk is a particular story, and the unfolding of that story has relevance only with regards to the way that I am (or ‘he’ is, if you like) talking about and expressing that ‘I am’. The story is by no means a pre-requisite to ‘I am’, nor could it ever lead to the realization of ‘I am’. Dirk’s story – just as any other story – is simply an expression of ‘I am’, arising and disappearing within ‘I am’; forever contained within ‘I am’ – just like the wave in the ocean. Never mind!

As far as this story goes:

Dirk Petzsch has been studying eastern philosophy and spiritual practices for over 25 years. His search brought him in contact with numerous masters and traditions from all over the world. He was first introduced to Advaita in 1991 when he met Sri H.W.L Poonja (also known as Papaji), famous Indian master and disciple of Ramana Maharshi.

Dirk’s approach to self-inquiry reflects the uncompromising style of his teacher ‘Sailor’ Bob Adamson (who himself was a direct disciple of the renowned Sri Nisargadatta Maharaj), thus continuing the teachings of the Navnath-Sampradaya (Inchagiri) lineage. Dirk lives in Florianópolis, Brazil. He gives talks on the subject of Non-Duality and holds informal meetings.

Contact: alchemia.verde@gmail.com

Gratitude, Sailor Bob!

Bob Adamson

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