Monthly Archives: April 2013

Going Beyond Mind

Do we have to go beyond the mind?

The problem with ‘going beyond the mind’ (‘having to’ or not) is that this gives credence to the conceptual notions of there being something to be done, and (maybe more to the point) that there is somebody (a separate ‘me’) to be doing it. A third and implicit concept here is that of ‘becoming’ – i.e. a future time when this ‘going beyond’ might be happening and thus give rise to the exalted ‘awakening’ (another concept).

In my experience it works better to be clear about our positive, real and NON-conceptual nature as Presence-Awareness – as that which is the necessary and undeniable principle for any appearance (incl. a ‘me’, the mind, time, etc.) to arise. Before the next thought arises, we are already present as THAT (to which the appearance arises). We ARE beyond the mind! As THAT, no ‘going beyond’ or awakening is needed – and in THAT, the mind and the ‘me’ are taken care of by themselves. It is concepts such as ‘going beyond the mind’ that keep us from recognizing our BEING beyond the mind.

Tat Tvam Asi. Thou art that!